Company Profile
SISTEMA PRI is an engineering consulting company established in 1982, with the objective of providing engineering services in the field of projects, job and enterprise management, planning and general technical studies. PRI stands for “Planejamento Real e Integrado” (Real and Integrated Planning) that designates its own and exclusive management, planning and job control system, created and developed entirely by the company. 

In enterprise management by ABS Quality Evaluations.
·          ISO 9001 version 2008 – Certificate nr 62073 since 1999.
·          ISO 14001 version 2004 – Certificate nr 42947 since 2008.
·          OHSAS 18001 version 2007 – Certificate nr 42948 since 2008.

SISTEMA PRI is also ABS certified at level 6 of the Programa de Qualidade Habitacional – Habitational Quality Program (QUALIHAB) promoted by the CDHU – Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional e Urbano do Estado de São Paulo – Habitational and Urban Development Company of the State of São Paulo - (qualification certificate nr 70165), this being the highest level of certification granted to consulting engineering companies.

SISTEMA PRI is registered in the Programa de Gestão de Fornecedores da Engenharia – Engineering Suppliers Management Program  - PROGEFE of PETRJOBS - Certificado de Registro e Classificação Cadastral – Registration Classification Certificate (CRCC nr 019776).
The working methodology employed by SISTEMA PRI in the management of jobs and undertakings has been constantly perfected since its foundation, being based on most modern management techniques guided by standard NBR-ISO 10.006:2006 and by the Guia Oficial do Conjunto de Conhecimentos do Management de Projetos - Official Guide of the Set of Project Management Knowledge (PMBOK Guide - edition 2008), published by PMI – Project Management Institute – world leader among professionals organizations in the field of project management.

Active in the public and private sectors, among the main clients of SISTEMA PRI these are highlighted: industries, commercial companies, financial companies, those from the tourism and hotel sector, religious organizations, builders and enterprises, apart from other sectors of the economy that use engineering services in Brazil such as mixed economy companies and the federal, state and municipal governments.

SISTEMA PRI has accumulated experience of about 3,200 jobs undertaken.